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"DOST", We mean it!

DOST is the individual who manages everything for your website’s day-to-day needs. You can assign any capable task which your website can’t do by itself and you don’t have time to do. Dost provides full support to your website as a loyal friend who is ready whenever you need it. A Dost can do almost anything you want him to do for your website management. He’ll be the best friend (DOST) for your website.

Yes, you can ask him to make any possible changes anytime if they are practically possible. After-all a “Friend in need is a Friend indeed.”

A Dost never sits idle. Dost works continuously on your SEO and Backlinks whenever no task is assigned to him/her.

Just visit our Website https://dost.host and you’ll be assigned a dedicated Dost to get things done. You can also reach us via phone call too anytime and get your things done.

Dost will monitor your website on daily basis to increase it’s reach and make sure it’s working properly.

Dost would love to do that for your website. Websites like eCommerce needs regular monitoring and front-end management and a Dost will assist you with all this.

Yes, We have a dedicated team of Graphic Designers and your Dost will get it done for you with there help. However, you can also use his/her image editing and optimizing skills for which train them on regular basis.

You get complete access to all our services for free which you can use easily with the help of your Dost.